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We don't know about vital.
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vital adjective
1. performing an essential function in the living body
Related: life-sustaining
  • "vital organs"
  • "blood and other vital fluids"
  • "the loss of vital heat in shock"
  • "a vital spot"
  • "life-giving love and praise"
2. manifesting or characteristic of life
  • "a vital, living organism"
  • "vital signs"
critical adjective
1. urgently needed; absolutely necessary
Related: vital
  • "a critical element of the plan"
  • "critical medical supplies"
  • "vital for a healthy society"
  • "of vital interest"
lively adjective
1. full of spirit; full of life
Related: vital
  • "a dynamic full of life woman"
  • "a vital and charismatic leader"
  • "this whole lively world"
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