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vertical adjective
1. (steep) at right angles to the plane of the horizon or a base line
Related: perpendicular
Antonyms: inclined
  • "a vertical camera angle"
  • "the monument consists of two vertical pillars supporting a horizontal slab"
  • "measure the perpendicular height"
2. relating to or involving all stages of a business from production to distribution
3. of or relating to different levels in a hierarchy (as levels of social class or income group)
  • "vertical social mobility"
vertical noun
1. (orientation) something that is oriented vertically
erect adjective
1. upright in position or posture
Related: vertical, upright
Antonyms: unerect
  • "an erect stature"
  • "erect flower stalks"
  • "for a dog, an erect tail indicates aggression"
  • "a column still vertical amid the ruins"
  • "he sat bolt upright"
upright noun
1. (structural_member) a vertical structural member as a post or stake
Related: vertical
  • "the ball sailed between the uprights"
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